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“Bad Hair Day”

Look for "Bad Hair Day" by Meg Leader!

Look for “Bad Hair Day” by Meg Leader!

The country’s only “spectral detective” uses her ability to see and communicate with ghosts to solve a puzzling murder. This funny and delightful short story and 18 other takes of love, lust, and longing is anthologized and published by the Triad Sisters in Crime organization. It’s available from Amazon.comBarnes & Noble, and other fine bookstores.

Starcrossed Bride

A Convenient Marriage…

Connall Storm is a man with aspirations.  A two-name bastard in the colony of Last Hope, he goes into this pragmatic alliance hoping to discover a treasure that will give the power and wealth he wants.  But in order to do that, he and his new wife must embark on a perilous expedition into the Western Mountains…and come back alive.  Little does he guess that guarding his heart against his exasperating and far-too-sexy wife will be the real challenge…

Starcrossed Bride - 600x900x300That can save—or destroy—a world

Arkana Crystal Song has blue blood, the finest education and an unexpected, massively irritating new husband.  All she wants is to discover what happened to her parents.  So how did she get stuck trekking through the wilderness with a man who drives her absolutely crazy?  Especially since she’s starting to like the feeling a bit too much…

It isn’t long before their fiery arguments flare into scorching passion.  But when they come across a deadly alien menace on their travels, their love will face the ultimate test.  Are they strong enough to save themselves–and the entire human colony?

Read an excerpt here.

A delightful and complex mix of comedy and fantasy—a sensual love story set in a sensational world.  I hope for more from this talented author.

 USA Today bestselling author Christie Ridgway


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