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How to Turn an Idea into a Story

Do You Have This GREAT Idea for a Novel?

Of course you do! Almost everyone does. Lots of people have TONS of great ideas for a novel or four. Getting story ideas is almost never a problem for a storyteller. 

That’s why it’s nearly always a bad idea to ask a published author if you can give them your story idea so they can “just write it up.” Nope. Don’t ever do that. Published authors nearly always are overflowing with their own ideas. They don’t need yours too.

So what do you do with this fabulous story idea (and I have no doubt it really is a great idea!)? C’mon. I’ll give you a moment to think about your answer…

[Can you hear the Jeopardy theme song? Doo-doo-doo-doo  Doo-doo-doo…]

What’s your answer? If it’s anything other than “I’ll write it myself!” it’s the wrong answer.

“But,” you whine, “I don’t know how to take my fabulous story idea and turn it into a novel.”

Okay. Stop your whining. I’ve got you on this one. Turns out there’s a really easy process to take any story idea and turn it into a solid concept that would be the basis of a damned fine novel. Best of all…it’s easy-peasy.

All you have to do is answer SEVEN ESSENTIAL QUESTIONS and you’re off and running. 

And may I just add…this is the same process nearly all professional authors use to turn their great story ideas into the Page-Turner Fiction. And you know what?  They weren’t born knowing these questions. They had to learn them–and they did. 

If they can do it, you can too.  Just sayin’.

And my solution to helping you start your story off on the right foot is called, amazingly enough, Start Your Story Right. (What a coincidence, huh?)

Furthermore, it comes in two flavors. Unfortunately neither of them is Chocolate, something I think I need to remedy quickly. (Anyone got a Ghirardelli dark chocolate sea salt caramel square on you? No? Dang. Foiled again!)

Nope, the two flavors are e-book and online course. Or, of course, both because the two really are complements for each other. And both of them show you how to set up your wonderful story idea so you can (and will!) write page-turner fiction—a story readers can’t stop reading and turning pages!

This is about making sure you have a story idea that has a chance to stand up to being a complete novel. Probably it does. But if it doesn’t, the time to discover that is right now—before you begin to write. Not after you’ve struggled through 20,000 or 40,000 words and suddenly realize your story just isn’t going anywhere.

The E-Book:

Page-Turner Fiction: Start Your Story Right

Want to know how to move from your great but still vague story idea into an actual concept you can use to write a novel? This e-book will do that for you. 

This e-book is designed to give you a way to start thinking about your great idea for a novel before you even begin to write it. It’s designed for folks who have a wonderful story idea but really don’t know where to start to be able to tell it effectively.

That’s what it’s all about: finding a great idea for a novel and learning how to develop it into a page-turner novel. This e-book is the first step in that process. And it’s easy. You only have to answer 7 key questions. You can do that, right? Of course, you can!

Want to learn more? Click on the image to the left or the title of the e-book above.

The Online Course:

Start Your Story Right

This short course will guide you through the process of evaluating your great idea for a novel and finding where it needs to be shored up or expanded—or even dropped.

It will take you through the seven key questions that bestselling writers ask about their story ideas BEFORE they begin to write.

And it will show you how to determine if your idea is fabulous or flat—and if it’s flat, what you can do to fix it up!

Best of all the START YOUR STORY RIGHT is an online “short” course, which means you won’t spend weeks or months to go through it! In fact you can likely complete it in a single weekend–possibly in one afternoon!

But don’t equate brevity with lack of content. This course is packed with information on the elements all great stories have—and you’ll walk away with the skills to make those elements part of your natural writing process!

Want to learn more? Just click on the name of the course!

“The 7 essential questions will help you determine if your story idea is strong enough to sustain a complete book–and if it’s not, where you need to shore up the idea to make it viable.”

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