Storytelling Manifesto?

What’s a Manifesto Got to Do with Storytelling??


Sitting down to write a business manifesto is not exactly an easy thing to do. You have to dig down and decide what it is you believe and how you envision your life and your business to proceed.


I’m a writer. I’ve been a writer for decades and been published under various pseudonyms in fiction and nonfiction from such publishers as MIT Press, Oxford University Press, and Bantam Books. I’ve also been a scientist, a corporate trainer, and many other things over the course of my life.

I’ve also spent a great deal of time in the past 20 or so years helping other writers to improve their skills and basically write better stories. I like doing that. I like the thrill of seeing a writer I encouraged win a contest or get their book published by a NY publisher. That’s enormously fun for me.

6 Key Things I Believe

My bottom line, after I thought about things a whole lot, was that I have six key aspects of my business and why I started it. 

I think these 6 tenets provide a good definition to what Meg Leader Enterprises is all about. 

With a bit of luck, it also provides you with the information you need to investigate the products and services we offer here. 

I hope to see you soon as part of the family.

Everyone Has Stories to Tell

I believe that all of us have stories in our hearts and minds, stories we want, and maybe need, to share with others. We’re all storytellers at heart.

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Storytelling Is a Craft

I believe that learning how to tell stories well is a craft not an innate talent. Sure, talent helps, but the reality is, almost everyone can learn how to tell great stories. Yes, you too!

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Storytelling Defines Humans

I believe that what defines our species is our addiction to storytelling. It’s the most ancient of arts, starting long before we made stone tools. If you’re human, you’re a storyteller.

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Learning by Doing Is Best

After decades of teaching adults all kinds of things, I believe that the best way to learn something is to do it. Learning by doing has been my mantra for decades. It works. Learn to write by writing!

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Money Isn’t Everything

Heresy, I know, but I believe that once you have enough money to provide the essentials and some left over for highly desired extras, that’s enough. Enough is more than enough.

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Customer Care Is Supreme

I believe taking care of customers who trust me enough to buy my products is of supreme importance. Do right by them and it’ll all be OK. They honor me with their purchases.

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