• Key Points
  • Everyone has stories to tell and share.
  • You can learn storytelling.
  • Storytelling is the most fundamental art form of our species.
  • The best way to learn storytelling is to do it.
  • We all need enough money, but money cannot rule our lives.
  • Taking good care of the wonderful people who are my customers is an honor.

You Can Learn Storytelling—Yes, You! 

A Manifesto

You know, when folks told me that starting a company meant I needed to provide a manifesto to explain to the world what we’re about, it scared me. I mean…a manifesto??  Wasn’t that something, I dunno, rebellious?

Yeah, it kinda is. When I sat down and tried to describe a half-dozen things I strongly believe in, I realized that yes I can be rebellious. I can write a manifesto that sets out how this company is to operate.  

So here it is. I’ve outlined the key points to the left of this post so you can’t miss them. Well, you can, of course, but trying to make it as easy as possible for you!  

I wanted to make clear what we believe about writing fiction here at ML Enterprises. It’s pretty simple, really. As founder of the company, these are the principles I’ve established for us to work from.

Six Key Beliefs 

  • First, I believe that all of us have stories to tell. Sometimes they’re truthful, sometimes they’re fiction. Sometimes they’re truth disguised as fiction. But those stories matter to the person who holds them inside. So my first goal is to help other people bring out those stories and share them with the world.
  • Second, I believe that you can learn storytelling. Yes, it helps if you’ve got a decent grasp of English–but you know, there are tools that can help you with that. (Not to mention a patient editor!) But there are also craft techniques on the basics of how to tell a great story. And those can be learned too.
  • Third, I believe that storytelling is fundamental. It’s the most ancient, the most vital, the most quintessentially human art form of all. We were telling stories before we could make stone axes. it’s who we are, more than toolmakers or anything else. We are all storytellers. It’s your right as a member of our species, no matter you age, your race, your ethnicity, your gender identification, or anything else…if you are a Homo sapiens, you are a storyteller.
  • Fourth, I believe that the very best way to learn storytelling is to sit down and start doing it. It helps to have a guide, some instructions, a mentor or teacher. But fundamentally, you won’t learn to write until you start to write. Learning by doing has been my mantra through teaching corporate training classes for well over 35 years. And it’s still the best way to learn and internalize anything.
  • Fifth, no one starts a business unless they want to earn money and I’m no exception. The hassles of setting up a business are just far too great for that not to be true. With that said, however, I believe strongly that money is a drug. We all need enough money to cover our survival needs, education, homes, family, and to provide some extras we want, whether those are vacations, a nice house, or simply a lovely plant for the windowsill. But too much money is like any other drug…it can destroy. So what I believe is that enough is good enough when it comes to money.
  • Finally, I believe very strongly that the best way to succeed is to take good care of the wonderful people who honor me with their purchases. Customer support is essential. No business can survive without them. So doing right by my customers is a top priority. 

So there you have it. this is who we are at ML Enterprises. I hope these points resonate with you. If you want to tell some of those stories stacked up inside you, and if you want to tell them well to share them with your family or the whole world, I hope you’ll take a look at what we offer to help you learn how to take your stories and turn them into Page-Turner Fiction. I’ll be honored to help you!


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