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Meg, here. I’m so glad you stopped by! Why don’t you pull up a comfy chair and settle in with something good to drink, while I tell you about my latest project, Kylie Tyger.

Kylie is the slightly quirky, fashionista heroine of a new Urban Fantasy series I’m working on, set sometime in the future after climate change and sea-level rise has significantly changed the landscape.

Kylie Tyger: This fashionista will slay you!

About Kylie

Kylie is just your ordinary, run-of-the-mill kinda gal. She and her twin brother were raised by their mom after their no-good, family-abandoning, despicable dad deserted their pregnant mom.

Since Mom was a member of the Tribe–the descendants of today’s Cherokees–and since the Tribe doesn’t cotton to unwed motherhood, Mom and her twin babies were forced to leave the safety of the tribal grounds and strike out on their own.

Not being welcomed in the big city either–that old prejudice against tribespeople still holds–the little family lived in the forest, where diredogs–gigantic, mostly feral canines–and fang cats were only the most visible dangers.

Now that Kylie’s all grown up, she and her brother Keeth are making a living in the biggest city in Ridge Country. On the one hand, she is an professional embalmer and Singer for the Dead. On the other…well…let’s just say that if dealing with the dead isn’t exactly socially acceptable, making them dead is even less so. Enough said about that.

My Co-Contributor: Kylie Tyger

Cutie 100x150Kylie’s helping me out with this website. Wherever you see her pictured as shown here, you’ll know it’s a Kylie-written page. Kylie writes an advice column on the Ask Kylie page. it’s sort of like a Miss Etiquette guide to propriety for the potential prey-person. Kylie’s a stickler for proper prey behavior, you know.

Kylie also gives you a brief background on her world on the Kylie’s World A.C. page. What does A.C. stand for? I’ll let you read for yourself on that page.

You can check out other works I have out on the Meg Leader Books page.

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