Crime and Punishment in Ridge City

People Breaking Rules

As you might imagine, sometimes the folks in Ridge City don’t follow all the rules. So there’s a Ridge City Police Department (RCPD) that makes sure most people follow most of the rules most of the time. But there are some people or problems that the RCPD can’t handle.

Specifically, if the person not following the rules is someone associated with the most powerful entity in all of Ridge Country: The Temple of Truth.

I’ll tell you more about the Temple and its folks–a lot more–in another blog post. Just assume that the Temple is a combination of the major educational facility, the most powerful governmental organization, and the most prosperous business in the entire area. The people in the Temple are devoted to science, logic, and rationality at all costs. 

These are not fun folks. Just saying…

ANYWAY…if a Temple person goes wrong, the RCPD is almost completely unable to do anything about it. And the higher the person is in the Temple hierarchy, the less the RCPD can do. So…what’s a good cop supposed to do?

Should be obvious. They hire an assassin…

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