People Breaking Rules

As you might imagine, sometimes the folks in Ridge City don’t follow all the rules. So there’s a Ridge City Police Department (RCPD) that makes sure most people follow most of the rules most of the time. But there are some people or problems that the RCPD can’t handle.

Specifically, if the person not following the rules is someone associated with the most powerful entity in all of Ridge Country: The Temple of Truth.

I’ll tell you more about the Temple and its folks–a lot more–in another blog post. Just assume that the Temple is a combination of the major educational facility, the most powerful governmental organization, and the most prosperous business in the entire area. The people in the Temple are devoted to science, logic, and rationality at all costs. 

These are not fun folks. Just saying…

ANYWAY…if a Temple person goes wrong, the RCPD is almost completely unable to do anything about it. And the higher the person is in the Temple hierarchy, the less the RCPD can do. So…what’s a good cop supposed to do?

Should be obvious. They hire an assassin…

Welcome to Kylie’s World

Kylie Tyger is the main character in a new Urban Fantasy novel, TYGER’S CLAW. Well, it’s almost new…I’m finishing the ms. now so it’ll be a while before it’s available for you all to read. But in the meantime, I thought you might like to learn about her and maybe get excited about her world.

It’s not the same old world we live in today. Nope, Ridge Country (that’s what they call it) consists of the ridge of Appalachian and Great Smoky Mountains. Unfortunately, due to massive, excessive climate change and sea level rise, that ridge of mountains is all that’s left above sea level in the eastern US. 

Now add in an ongoing low-level radiation leak from the nuclear reactors at various places in Ridge Country and a generous heaping of climate warming and you end up with Ridge Country…a place that’s run differently than anywhere else you’ve seen. The people are different, the government is different, everything is changed.

Except that people die. Yes, they do, sometimes from natural causes, sometimes from animal attacks, and sometimes with a little bit of help from other people.

Kylie…well, she’s an unusual person and has unusual talents in a lot of things. She has a twin brother she’s crazy protective of. She’s got a missing-for-15-years older brother and sister she fears are long dead. And she’s got an agenda to find out who attacked her family 15 years ago, killing her parents and sending her down a dark path.

But, hey. She’s Kylie Tyger. She can do anything. She’s a fashionista to her toes, so as long as she has something cute and adorable to wear the other guys will never see her coming…